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Shutter Island 2010

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A moral fusion between law and order and clinical care.

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Been alone much since you got here?

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I found a whole stack of these, Teddy. Jesus, are you ever sober any more?

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I was an esteemed psychiatrist from a respected family. Didn't matter.

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That's the beauty of it. Mental Patients make the perfect subjects, if they talk nobody listens to them!

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I don't know, boss. How can you believe a crazy guy?

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They're experimenting on people here.

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No, it has nothing to do with the flesh. The brain controls _pain_.

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Depends on where you're hurt?

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Do you know how pain enters the body, Marshal? Do you?

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Sanity's not a choice, Marshall. You can't just choose to get over it.

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It's my job to treat the patients, not their victims.

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If you ever loved me, Dolores, please stop talking.

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They'll be our living dolls, huh? Tomorrow we can take them on a picnic.

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Let's put them at the table, we'll dry them off, change their clothes.

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Is there a reason, doctor, why you keep referring to your patient in the past tense?

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She could feel it clicking across her skull, just... pulling the wires, just for fun.

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After she tried to kill herself the first time, Dolores told me she... she had an insect living inside her brain.

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Which would be worse - to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?

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And wouldn't you agree, when you see a monster, you... you must stop it?

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Wounds can create monsters, and you, you are wounded, Marshal.

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Did you know that the word 'trauma' comes from the Greek for 'wound'? Hm?

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Haven't you heard a word I've said? The only way off the island is the ferry, and they control it. You'll never leave here.

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If the constraints of society were lifted, and I was all that stood between you and a meal, you would crack my skull with a rock and eat my meaty parts. Wouldn't you?

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You're as violent as they come. I know this, because I'm as violent as they come.

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You misunderstand me. I said, you are 'men of violence'. I'm not accusing you of being violent men. That's quite different.

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Now, that's a hell of an assumption to make.

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Men like you are my specialty, you know. Men of violence.

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I have to say that's quite close to my clinical conclusion.

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And the only window's barred. It's as if she evaporated, straight through the walls.

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We don't know how she got out of her room. It was locked from the outside.

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You're smarter than you look, Marshal. That's probably not a good thing.

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Very impressive defense mechanisms.

#qt1201272-5 / read by Shuja-34

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No, no, not because you enjoyed it, but because retreat isn't something you consider an option.

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No, you are not. - Since the schoolyard, neither of you has ever walked away from a physical conflict.

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It's not much of a stretch, Doc. For all you know, we're both paper pushers over there.

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You both served overseas, huh?

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Excellent, Marshal. You have outstanding defense mechanisms. You must be quite adept at interrogations.

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What's that, ice tea in your glass there?

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I always heard it was overrun with boozers and drunks.

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Oh. You don't indulge in alcohol? I'm surprised. Isn't it common for men in your profession to imbibe?

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This is a mental institution, Marshal. For the criminally insane. Usual isn't a big part of our day.

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Define 'unusual'.

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Yeah fine, I just ah, I just can't, can't stomach the water.

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If I was to sink my teeth into your eye right now, would you be able to stop me before I blinded you?

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Set me free.

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There's no moral order as pure as this storm. There's no moral order at all. There's just this: can my violence conquer yours?

#qt1123347-7 / read by Narmadha-83

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I thought God gave us moral order.

#qt1123347-6 / read by Subhajit-81

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And why? Because God gave us violence to wage in his honor.

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We wage war, we burn sacrifices, and pillage and plunder and tear at the flesh of our brothers.

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Sure you have. Why else would there be so much of it? It's in us. It's what we are.

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When I came downstairs in my home, and I saw that tree in my living room, it reached out for me... a divine hand. God loves violence.

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Did you enjoy God's latest gift?

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We gotta get off this rock, Chuck.

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Why are you all wet, baby?

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Don't worry, partner, they're not gonna catch us.

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I gotta get off this rock, Chuck. Get back to the mainland. Whatever the hell's going on here, it's bad.

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You blew up my car. I really loved that car.

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I'm sorry, Honey. I love this thing because you gave it to me. But the truth is... it is one fuckin' ugly tie.

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We are duly appointed Federal Marshals.

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Pull yourself together, Teddy. Pull yourself together.

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All I know is it's a mental hospital.

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Then you'll never leave this island.

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You wanna uncover the truth? You gotta let her go.

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This is a game. All of this is for you. You're not investigating anything. You're a fucking rat in a maze.

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