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Psycho 1960

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No! I tell you no! I won't have you bringing some young girl in for supper!

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And the forty thousand dollars? Who got that?

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I can handle a sick old woman!

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This place happens to be my only world. I grew up in that house up there.

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No. I got the whole story - but not from Norman. I got it - from his mother.

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People never really run away from anything. The rain didn't last long, did it?

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His mother was a clinging, demanding woman, and for years the two of them lived as if there was no one else in the world.

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He'd walk about the house, sit in her chair, speak in her voice.

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Oh, your sister called to say she's going to Tucson to do some buying and she'll be gone the whole weekend ..

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It would be cold and damp up there like a grave.

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Yes! In the house behind the motel! I called and I pounded, but she just ignored me!

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Well, it's - it's more than a hobby. A hobby's supposed to pass the time, not fill it.

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I don't know where to start. Except at the beginning.

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The swamp. These were crimes of passion, not profit.

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He tried to be his mother! And, uh... now he is.

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You see, when the mind houses two personalities, there's always a conflict, a battle.

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I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so uncaring.

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Norman Bates' mother has been dead and buried in Greenlawn Cenetery for the past ten years!

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Look, that old woman, whoever she is, she told Arbogast something. I want her to tell us the same thing.

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You know... if anyone ever talked to me the way I heard... the way she spoke to you...

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Do anything you've a mind to. Bein' a woman, you will. That yours?

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You make respectability sound - disrespectful.

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People always mean well. They cluck their thick tongues and shake their heads and suggest oh, so very delicately...

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Norman Bates no longer exists. He only half-existed to begin with.

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Mother, she's just a stranger. She's hungry, and it's raining out!

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She might have fooled me, but she didn't fool my mother.

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The only funny thing, she paid me seven hundred dollars in cash.

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I guess that's about it. I've got some work to do, if you don't mind.

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They'll put him away now, as I should have years ago.

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I haven't even been married once yet!

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She just goes - a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?

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Sometimes we deliberately step into those traps.

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You mean an institution? A madhouse?

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I've got something - not aspirin. My mother's doctor gave them to me the day of my wedding.

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Well, I'm not a fool. And I'm not capable of being fooled! Not even by a woman.

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Now, that's... not buying happiness. That's just... buying off unhappiness.

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I'm sorry if I seem over-anxious, it's just that I'm sure that there's something wrong out there and I have to know what.

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There's an old saying, 'First customer of the day is always the trouble!'

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I helped Norman pick out the dress she was buried in. Periwinkle blue.

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I don't hate my mother. I hate at what she's become. I hate her illness.

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So he had to erase the crime, at least in his own mind. He stole her corpse. A weighted coffin was buried.

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I'm sorry. I felt that... well, from what you told me about your mother is that she might be hurting you. I meant well.

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When you're married you can do - a lot of things - deliberately.

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Your detective told you he couldn't come right back because he was goin' to question Norman Bates' mother. Right?

#b556a93a / read by Teja-84

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Here you are doing all the listening. You are alone, aren't you?

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Patience doesn't run in my family.

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But like I said, it's too nice a day to argue. I'll uh - shoot your car in the garage here.

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Oh, but she's harmless. She's as harmless as one of those stuffed birds.

#ac9d039d / read by Teja-84

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Teddy was furious when he found out I had taken tranquilizers!

#ac162abc / read by Subhajit-81

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Sometimes Saturday night has a lonely sound, you ever notice that Lila?

#aac38ee5 / read by VIVEK-96

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When he met your sister, he was touched by her... aroused by her. He wanted her.

#a90e7065 / read by Teja-84

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I had a very happy childhood. My mother and I we were *more* than happy.

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He hid the body in the fruit cellar. Even treated it to keep it as well as it would keep.

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Sometimes... when she talks to me like that... I feel I'd like to go up there... and curse her... and-and-and leave her forever!

#a29cdd55 / read by Teja-84

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You mean to tell me you saw Norman Bates' mother?

#9e36687b / read by Shriram-60

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Not even a hunch, just hope.

#9dbf5f89 / read by Subhajit-81

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Then she met a man... and it seemed to Norman that she 'threw him over' for this man. Now that pushed him over the line and he killed 'em both.

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Now, that's what I meant when I said I got the story from the mother.

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And, I don't like you going into that house alone.

#91b73c01 / read by Subhajit-81

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Just an expression. What I meant was, I'd do just about anything to get away, wouldn't you?

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Are you sure you wouldn't like to stay just a little while longer? Just for talk?

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They're probably watching me. Well, let them. Let them see what kind of a person I am.

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We scratch and we claw, but only at the air, only at each other, and for all of it, we never budge an inch.

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Now wait a minute, Sam, are you *sure* you saw an old woman?

#872f980c / read by Subhajit-81

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That wouldn't be a wise thing to do.

#871315cd / read by Subhajit-81

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I was born in mine. I don't mind it anymore.

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Now after the murder, Norman returned as if from a deep sleep.

#82118151 / read by Shriram-60

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Uh, Mother, uh, what is the phrase? She isn't quite herself today.

#81d25f02 / read by Subhajit-81

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It's sad, when a mother has to speak the words that condemn her own son.

#80bec94c / read by VIVEK-96

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Well, a son is a poor substitute for a lover.

#7fe63155 / read by Subhajit-81

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Yes. Sometimes just one time can be enough.

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I never carry more than I can afford to lose! Count 'em.

#7d65b5e8 / read by Subhajit-81

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Then, let's find him. One of us can keep him occupied while the other gets to the old woman.

#7d42e2ce / read by VIVEK-96

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And that still wasn't enough. She was there! But she was a corpse.

#7bdf2019 / read by Subhajit-81

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That set off the 'jealous mother' and 'mother killed the girl'!

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I didn't mean to pry.

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But like I say, I'm in no mood for it, so I'm gonna treat you so fair and square that you won't have one human reason to give me...

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Ah, not exactly. A man who dresses in women's clothing in order to achieve a sexual change, or satisfaction, is a transvestite.

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And when reality came too close, when danger or desire threatened that illusion - he dressed up, even to a cheap wig he bought.

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Did you come up here on just a hunch? Nothing more?

#6cc658c2 / read by Subhajit-81

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You know what I think? I think that we're all in our private traps, clamped in them, and none of us can ever get out.

#6c44ca30 / read by VIVEK-96

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One thing people never oughtta be when they're buyin' used cars, and that's in a hurry.

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I thought it was the people who were alone most of the time who did all the talking when they got the chance.

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It's the first time the customer ever high-pressured the salesman. I figure roughly... your car plus seven hundred dollars.

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I'm looking for a private island.

#657ef55d / read by Subhajit-81

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Therefore, if he felt a strong attraction to any other woman, the mother side of him would go wild.

#6392a8a3 / read by VIVEK-96

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Or at least defy her! But I know I can't. She's ill.

#6390fdcb / read by Subhajit-81

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We're always quickest to doubt people who have a reputation for being honest.

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The laughing, and the tears, and those cruel eyes studying you? My mother THERE?

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And-and I say, insect or man, death should always be painless.

#5f934971 / read by Subhajit-81

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I'm buying this house for my baby's wedding present. Forty thousand dollars, cash!

#5f2d043d / read by VIVEK-96

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Well, if the woman up there is Mrs. Bates... who's that woman buried out in Greenlawn Cemetery?

#5eb59d23 / read by VIVEK-96

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Sick old women are usually pretty sharp.

#59bc07d5 / read by Shriram-60

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What do you know about caring? Have you ever seen the inside of one of those places?

#56e6cf17 / read by VIVEK-96

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Hate the smell of dampness, don't you? It's such a, I don't know, creepy smell.

#55385925 / read by Subhajit-81

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Well, a boy's best friend is his mother.

#512e442f / read by Subhajit-81

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It's a private matter. The family wants to forgive her. She's not in any trouble.

#4ea55439 / read by VIVEK-96

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A man should have a hobby.

#4cbba6c2 / read by Subhajit-81

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You mean the old woman I saw tonight wasn't Mrs. Bates?

#4c744035 / read by Subhajit-81

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Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.

#4b1a4fc2 / read by Subhajit-81

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He was *flirting* with you. I guess he must have noticed my wedding ring.

#4adb6ebf / read by Subhajit-81

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You always got time to argue money, huh?

#4a78e9c2 / read by Subhajit-81

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But I couldn't allow them to believe that I would commit murder.

#4a6eca9b / read by VIVEK-96

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They'll see and they'll know, and they'll say, 'Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly...'

#498efba9 / read by VIVEK-96

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And because he was so pathologically jealous of her, he assumed that she was jealous of him.

#48d888f4 / read by VIVEK-96

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Now he was already dangerously disturbed, had been ever since his father died.

#47973168 / read by VIVEK-96

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I think I must have one of those faces you can't help believing.

#4751b5a5 / read by Subhajit-81

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Now he was never all Norman, but he was often only mother.

#44655c1a / read by Subhajit-81

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He was always bad, and in the end he intended to tell them I killed those girls and that man...

#42c4ca38 / read by VIVEK-96

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But in Norman's case, he was simply doing everything possible to keep alive the illusion of his mother being alive.

#41d0659e / read by VIVEK-96

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I couldn't do that. Who would look after her? The fire in her fireplace would go out.

#40e63fc0 / read by VIVEK-96

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Matricide is probably the most unbearable crime of all... most unbearable to the son who commits it.

#40a349c6 / read by VIVEK-96

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Now to understand it the way I understood it, hearing it from the mother... that is, from the mother half of Norman's mind...

#3e7b0907 / read by VIVEK-96

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I think that would be a rather extreme reaction, don't you?

#3e572a2c / read by Subhajit-81

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.. as if I could do anything but just sit and stare, like one of his stuffed birds.

#3b26ece1 / read by VIVEK-96

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I'm not even going to swat that fly. I hope they are watching... they'll see.

#3a999152 / read by Subhajit-81

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So he began to think and speak for her, give her half his life, so to speak.

#3a8ec8b4 / read by Subhajit-81

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And now, the other half has taken over. Probably for all time.

#39939acd / read by Subhajit-81

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People always call a madhouse 'someplace', don't they? 'Put her in someplace!'

#34f3b6fa / read by Subhajit-81

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They tell you what its ingredients are, and how it's guaranteed to exterminate every insect in the world, but they do not tell you whether or not it's painless.

#326884fa / read by VIVEK-96

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It had to be - because Arbogast said so too. And the young man wouldn't let him see her because she was too ill.

#307d255a / read by VIVEK-96

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I don't set a fancy table, but the kitchen's awful homey.

#2f1e0030 / read by Subhajit-81

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You'd better run out to the house. She may be, well - unable to answer the phone.

#2eeb15d6 / read by VIVEK-96

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And like a dutiful son, covered up all traces of the crime he was convinced his mother had committed!

#2af4decb / read by Nikhil-91

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Teddy called me - my mother called to see if Teddy called.

#2aa83632 / read by Shriram-60

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I've been doing all the talking so far, haven't I?

#27de11c2 / read by Shriram-60

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At times he could be both personalities, carry on conversations. At other times, the mother half took over completely.

#26c87c47 / read by Nikhil-91

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I'm a private investigator. I've been trying to trace a girl that's been missing for - oh - about a week now from Phoenix.

#23735d5e / read by Nikhil-91

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I'm going to spend this weekend in bed.

#216d2e7c / read by Subhajit-81

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You'll never be able to hold him still even if he doesn't want to be held.

#1f24bdca / read by Subhajit-81

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They know I can't move a finger, and I won't. I'll just sit here and be quiet, just in case they do... suspect me.

#1c322580 / read by Nikhil-91

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By candlelight, I suppose, in the cheap, erotic fashion of young men with cheap, erotic minds!

#1adad2e9 / read by Subhajit-81

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I don't think the police went looking for people who aren't in trouble.

#16da1502 / read by Subhajit-81

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People always mean well. They cluck their thick tongues, and shake their heads and suggest, oh, so very delicately!

#16345d08 / read by Nikhil-91

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She needs *me*. It's not as if is she were a maniac, a raving thing.

#134dbcef / read by Subhajit-81

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Is your time so empty?

#124f0974 / read by Shriram-60

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You eat like a bird.

#0ef2e5d0 / read by Shriram-60

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What you need is a weekend in Las Vegas. The playground of the world!

#0e4ccb26 / read by Subhajit-81

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When I send my ex-wife her alimony, you can lick the stamps.

#0de5095f / read by Subhajit-81

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Oh, someone has seen her, all right. Someone always sees a girl with 40,000 dollars.

#0c7914a1 / read by Subhajit-81

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You can't buy off unhappiness with pills.

#08ba9a5a / read by Subhajit-81

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And after the steak, do we send Sister to the movies? Turn mama's picture to the wall?

#07f77a42 / read by Subhajit-81

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In Norman's case, the battle is over... and the dominant personality has won.

#067b5d0c / read by Subhajit-81

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I'm in no mood for trouble.

#0247f455 / read by Subhajit-81

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you have to go back ten years, to the time when Norman murdered his mother and her lover.

#023c96c0 / read by Nikhil-91

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If you love sombody, you wouldn't leave them even if they treat your badly. Do you understand?

#00a2f7e2 / read by Nikhil-91

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