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Midsommar 2019

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Yeah, what the fuck! This is what I've been working toward, and you know it. That's why you look so guilty right now because you know...

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The fact that you're being this bald about it. I'm honestly kind of impressed.

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Okay, do you think I don't know what you're doing? It's actually kind of outrageously unsubtle.

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Yeah, but not on this community. I mean, you're going to Germany and England next.

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I mean, you know I'm doing my thesis on midsummer. That's the reason why I'm here.

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I feel like... I feel like I can't tell if you're joking.

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And I wanted to tell you first, just so it didn't seem like I wasn't telling you.

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I'm gonna do my thesis here. If you're going to do it here too, I'm open to collaborating.

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But do not appropriate my actual work for your new shortcut.

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Why are you even in academia? You don't care! Which is fine. That is your prerogative.

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You didn't even know how to use JSTOR until I taught you, and you are a fucking grad student.

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I have to hold your little hand through everything.

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Okay. In case you hadn't noticed, Your Highness, we're doing the exact same degree.

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This is not some glorified hobby that I'm casually dipping my feet into.

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No, dude, not fuck me. Find your own subject or your own passion.

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You know that what you're doing is unethical and leechy and lazy, and frankly it's kind of sad.

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I've been thinking a lot about my thesis, and, um, I've decided I'm going to do it here, on Harga.

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That's cultural, you know? We stick our elders in nursing homes. I'm sure they find that disturbing.

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Nor do I. Yet we have already given our finest jewels and most fruitful tree. What else could we possibly offer?

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Ah, well, I suppose it could have been my own belly. But I do not wish to risk offending our generous Mother.

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Oh no! Did you hear that rumbling? I think she is still hungry.

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In thanks and praise, Great Goddess, we bestow upon you this modest gift.

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Take from the yew tree. Feel no pain. Take from the yew tree. Feel no fear.

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And then from, eh - 36 to 54, we're working age, which is *fall*. And then finally from 54 to 72 you become a mentor.

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And then at some point we all do our Pilgrimage, which is between 18 and 36, and that's summer.

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Well we think of life like the seasons. So you're a child until you're 18 and that's spring.

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And after the luck - you just inherited from that salt herring, we should all be doubly encouraged!

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Now it's traditional for the May Queen to bless our crops and livestock.

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You can leave it in the temple, which will be left unguarded, unwatched. Nobody need to know, it was you.

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We don't want to - point fingers, and yet we kindly ask that whoever took it return it, to its original place.

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Well. We, um - have something regretful to announce. This morning, the nineteenth book of Rubi Radr was found missin', from the temple.

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I'm sure it was just a miscommunication.

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She begged our pardon and I drove her to meet him.

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Her boyfriend called the landline? from the train station and calmed Connie down.

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He draws, and we, the Elders, interpret. You see Yosh, Ruben is unclouded by normal cognition. It makes him open, for the source.

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What the fuck, man. What does that mean?

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It's actually kind of outrageously unsubtle, the fact that you're being this bold about it. I'm- I'm honestly kind of impressed.

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Christian... Hi. Hello! There you are! Listen: You can't speak. You can't move.

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Eh, every Midsummer we have this dance competition and the winner gets crowned, in this.

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Hey! These are my friends from America.

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Hey, guys. So these are younger people from my village. They're also returning from the trips outside. Come on over.

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He's my good friend and I like him, but... Dani, do you feel held by him? Does he feel like home to you?

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You're pissing on my people!

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You're pissing on my people!

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Ruben was - a product of inbreeding. All of our oracles are deliberate products of inbreeding.

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Uh we're gonna stand until it's - right to sit.

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How long do they *typically* stand?

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Somebody should tell those girls they're *walkin'* stupid.

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I can feel it! I feel the baby!

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So we just gonna ignore the bear then?

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