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LA Confidential 1997

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I admire you as a policeman - particularly your adherence to violence as a necessary adjunct to the job.

#qt0387892 / read by Shriram-60

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I wouldn't trade places with Edmund Exley right now for all the whiskey in Ireland.

#qt0387894 / read by Teja-84

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You'll do as I say, and ask no questions. Do you follow my drift?

#qt0387898 / read by Shriram-60

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My father ran into him off duty, and he shot my father six times and got away clean.

#qt0387903-a / read by Shriram-60

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No one even knew who he was. I just made the name up to give him some personality.

#qt0387903-b / read by Teja-84

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Rollo Tamasi is the reason I became a cop. I wanted to catch the guys who thought they could get away with it.

#qt0387903-c / read by Shuja-34

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It's supposed to be about justice. Then somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that.

#qt0387903-d / read by Teja-84

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If we're going to figure this out, we need to work together.

#qt0387904-a / read by Shriram-60

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The Nite Owl made you. You want to tear all that down?

#qt0387904-b / read by Shriram-60

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I'm the technical advisor. I teach Brett Chase how to walk and talk like a cop.

#qt0387905-a / read by Shriram-60

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Well, that's 'cause he's the television version. America isn't ready for the real me.

#qt0387905-b / read by Shriram-60

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All I ever wanted was to measure up to my father.

#qt0387913-a / read by Shriram-60

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Now's your chance .. He died in the line of duty, didn't he?

#qt0387913-b / read by Teja-84

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Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.

#qt0387914 / read by Teja-84

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You're the first man in five years who didn't tell me I look like Veronica Lake inside of a minute.

#qt0387916 / read by Shriram-60

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Go back to Jersey, sonny. This is the City of the Angels, and you haven't got any wings.

#qt0387918 / read by Shriram-60

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LAPD, shitbird. Get the _fuck_ outta here or I'll call your wife to come get you!

#qt0387925 / read by Shuja-34

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Hold up your badge, so they'll know you're a policeman.

#qt0387927 / read by Shriram-60

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A naked man with a gun? Do you really expect anyone to believe that?

#qt0387931-a / read by Shriram-60

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You don't know the meaning of the word, you ignorant bastard.

#qt0387931-b / read by Shriram-60

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Edmund, you're a political animal. You have the eye for human weakness, but not the stomach.

#qt0387933-a / read by Shriram-60

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Would you be willing to plant corroborative evidence on a suspect you knew to be guilty, in order to ensure an indictment?

#qt0387933-b / read by Narmadha-83

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Would you be willing to beat a confession out of a suspect you knew to be guilty?

#qt0387933-c / read by Shriram-60

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At least get rid of the glasses. I can't think of another man in the department who wears them.

#qt0387933-d / read by Teja-84

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Some men get the world. Others get ex-hookers and a trip to Arizona.

#qt0387936 / read by Shriram-60

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He's just a man who can answer yes to those questions I've asked you from time to time.

#qt0387942 / read by Shriram-60

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