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Blood Diamond 2006

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You are a good boy who loves soccer and school.

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How about 'Soldier of Fortune'... or is that too much of a cliche?

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Let us hear the voice of that world. Let us learn from that voice... and let us ignore it no more.

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Let me tell you something. You sell blood diamonds too.

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It is what they do that makes them good or bad.

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Danny Archer. National Geographic.

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Why don't we go back to your place, see what's in the mini bar?

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She waits by the fire making plantains, and red palm oil stew with your sister N'Yanda and the new baby.

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Your mother loves you so much.

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I'm here for lack of a better idea.

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And the rebels, they're not sure they want to take over. Otherwise, they'd have to govern this mess.

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No, do you know where the word 'infantry' comes from, it means: Child Soldier. They're just children.

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This red earth, it's in our skin.

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The cows wait for you. And Babu, the wild dog who minds no one but you.

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In America, it's bling bling. But out here it's bling bang.

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I know they made you do bad things, but you are not a bad boy.

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Civil war rages for control of the diamond fields.

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In January 2003, forty nations signed 'The Kimberley Process' - an effort to stem the flow of conflict diamonds.

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The people back home wouldn't buy a ring if they knew it cost someone else their hand.

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So you're a fisherman, ha? What do you catch mostly?

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The Shona say the colour comes from all the blood that's been spilled fighting over the land.

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It is up to the consumer to insist that a diamond is conflict-free.

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Relief agencies are useless, the hospitals are overwhelmed. There are other ways, bro.

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Government only wants to stay in power... until they've stolen enough to go into exile somewhere else.

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Don't worry, they want these guns too much to do anything stupid!

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I'm a print journalist... I drank it.

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Drive right at them, they'll panic.

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I'm here to see Commander Zero.

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You Americans - you Americans love to talk about your feelings, huh?

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Here we say that the freedom is in your hands, so if you go against us, so go your hands.

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I thought you would steal it from me.

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Out here, people kill each other as a way of life. It's always been like that.

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I have THREE sisters, they're all married to good men.

#81b9a30f / read by Sivakumar-51

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He is my son. I am his father. I must go find him.

#7f7bd6e4 / read by Teja-84

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Three out of five ex-boyfriends polled think I need to be in a constant state of crisis.

#7ac104c7 / read by Musaib-53

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None of us knows whose path will lead us to God.

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T.I.A. This is Africa.

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None of whom has ever seen a diamond.

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The Third World is not a world apart... and the witness you will hear today speaks on its behalf.

#6d09173d / read by Teja-84

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You've got a thing for messed up vets now?

#6950db64 / read by Sivakumar-51

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Sometimes I wonder... will God ever forgive us for what we've done to each other?

#67e70d07 / read by Teja-84

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My dad came home from the war in '69. It took him about... twenty years to get right.

#64d14518 / read by Musaib-53

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My heart always told me that people are inherently good. My experience suggests otherwise.

#64a4de42 / read by Sivakumar-51

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You risk my life like that again... and I'll peel your face back off your head.

#6101366c / read by Teja-84

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Peace Corps types only stay around long enough... to realize they're not helping anyone.

#60ed3090 / read by Musaib-53

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The moment you tell anyone about it, your life is absolutely worthless!

#5fc8a9db / read by Sivakumar-51

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You come here with your laptop computers, your malaria medicine and you little bottles of hand sanitizer and think you can change the outcome, huh?

#5f782d32 / read by Shamala-75

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So you think because your intentions are good, they'll spare you, huh?

#5e735561 / read by Teja-84

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English boys don't go to school every day.

#5defb86a / read by Sivakumar-51

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I understand White people want our diamonds, yes. But how can my own people do this to each other?

#5d850fda / read by Teja-84

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They came into this city overnight.

#58ba7c8f / read by Sivakumar-51

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I'm not feeling the love here, Danny.

#57f2ebee / read by Musaib-53

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Dreamy American girls who all want a storybook wedding and a big, shiny rock like the ones in the advertisements of your politically-correct magazines.

#5771c2cf / read by Teja-84

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The only reason you're still alive is because you haven't told anyone where it is.

#56082df9 / read by Teja-84

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An entire country made homeless.

#51402aa0 / read by Musaib-53

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In your long career as a journalist, would you say that people are mostly good?

#48de43b3 / read by Brinda-85

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You think I'm a demon, but that's only because I have lived in Hell.

#44e50b67 / read by Brinda-85

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When was the last time the world wasn't falling apart, huh?

#4438d378 / read by Brinda-85

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Thousands have died and millions have become refugees.

#42bc1354 / read by Musaib-53

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Without me, you're just another black man in Africa, alright?

#40cdc9b0 / read by Brinda-85

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That diamond is my ticket out of this God forsaken continent.

#3e6ba27a / read by Teja-84

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This is home. You'll never leave Africa.

#3dab05ad / read by Brinda-85

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What are you doing? You are Dia Vendy, of the proud Mende tribe.

#3cf0c0cd / read by Brinda-85

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You are under arrest... for smuggling.

#39bc8f23 / read by Brinda-85

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So when people in your country read it, they will come help, yes?

#354e2f75 / read by Muskan-67

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The entire country's at war. Why should I help this one person?

#34809477 / read by Yukthi-88

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This my country, man. We here long before you came - long after you gone.

#32173da4 / read by Sreekanth-08

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She reminds me of my wife.

#2cd1414c / read by Brinda-85

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I am your father who loves you. And you will come home with me and be my son again.

#2b8b64a8 / read by Muskan-67

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But illegal diamonds are still finding their way to market.

#29b3c383 / read by Sreekanth-08

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To who, and for what price my friend? You need my help whether you like it or not.

#2974b558 / read by Muskan-67

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Don't tell me you're going to try and sell it yourself.

#24ac1da2 / read by Muskan-67

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Tell me where you are, and I will come help you.

#186680e2 / read by Asfiya-41

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Then I look around and I realize... God left this place a long time ago.

#17d98253 / read by Yukthi-88

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Uh, a cynic. Why don't you sit down and make me miserable?

#0b27e12a / read by Sivakumar-51

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A moment of love, even in a bad man, can give meaning to a life.

#03268465 / read by Harshitha-30

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