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A Few Good Men 1992

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Now you're asking us to sign a piece of paper that says we have no honor. You're asking us to say we're not Marines.

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Take caution in your tone, Commander. I'm a fair guy, but this fucking heat is making me absolutely crazy.

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*You're God damn right I did!*

#fc5ab7f5 / read by Akanksha-14

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Commander Galloway, why don't you get yourself a cup of coffee.

#fc50b3b3 / read by Anagha-10

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Do you have an answer to the question, Colonel?

#fbed5c91 / read by Shriram-60

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Maybe he was an early riser and liked to pack in the morning. And maybe he didn't have any friends.

#f890ba7b / read by Anagha-10

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You don't need to wear a patch on your arm to have honor.

#f4b0023e / read by Shriram-60

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Colonel Jessup! Do you understand these rights as I have just read them to you?

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Don't call me son. I'm a lawyer, and an officer in the United States Navy, and you're under arrest you son of a bitch.

#f076df79 / read by Anagha-10

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Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post.

#ee5f9ffd / read by Shriram-60

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.. then you're going to be subject to a court martial for professional misconduct and that is something that's going to be stapled to every job application that you ever fill out.

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Commander, I'd like you to leave the room so we can talk about you behind your back.

#e9be7bbf / read by Teja-84

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.. and seven men and two women whom you've never met will try to offer you an explanation as to why William is dead.

#e982b1a6 / read by Anagha-10

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Have I done something to offend you?

#e822c2fa / read by Shriram-60

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Are you planning on doing any investigating, or are you just gonna take the guided tour?

#e8221925 / read by Teja-84

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We follow orders, son. We follow orders or people die. It's that simple. Are we clear?

#e76b11d0 / read by Shriram-60

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Colonel Jessup, you have the right to remain silent. Any statement you make...

#e6b3d3a8 / read by Teja-84

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You got bullied into that courtroom, Danny, by everyone. By Dawson. By Galloway. Shit, I practically dared you.

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I'm an educated man, but I'm afraid I can't speak intelligently about the travel habits of William Santiago.

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Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you'll give this general court martial will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?

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Maybe, if we work at it, we can get Dawson charged with the Kennedy assassination.

#db2c9731 / read by Teja-84

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Ah, we're in luck then. Standard Operating Procedures, Rifle Security Company, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

#dacb212d / read by Akanksha-14

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Well, we appreciate that, but you are under oath now, and I think as unpleasant as it may be, we'd all just as soon hear the truth.

#daa81d70 / read by VIVEK-96

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Yeah we did. We were supposed to fight for people who couldn't fight for themselves. We were supposed to fight for Willy.

#d420c66f / read by VIVEK-96

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What I do know is that he was set to leave the base at 0600.

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Absolutely. My answer is I don't have the first damn clue.

#cc212545 / read by Shriram-60

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Either way, I don't give a *damn* what you think you are entitled to!

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Your boys are going down, Danny. I can't stop it anymore.

#c83d8058 / read by Shriram-60

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Look at this, last night he's swimming in Jack Daniels and now he can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

#c7cfd35b / read by VIVEK-96

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He eats breakfast 300 yards away from 4000 Cubans that are trained to kill him.

#bf87e602 / read by Akanksha-14

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So this is what a courtroom looks like.

#bab6e222 / read by Shriram-60

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I run my unit how I run my unit. You want to investigate me, roll the dice and take your chances.

#b9400d02 / read by Shriram-60

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I eat breakfast 300 yards from 4000 Cubans who are trained to kill me, so don't think for one second that you can come down here, flash a badge, and make me nervous.

#b8847fe8 / read by Akanksha-14

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Cmdr. Galloway, Lt. Kaffee is considered to be the best litigator in our office. He successfully plea bargained 44 cases in 9 months.

#b71ce963 / read by Akanksha-14

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They tortured and tormented a weaker kid. They didn't like him. So, they killed him. And why? Because he couldn't run very fast.

#b66fced7 / read by VIVEK-96

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You got bullied into that courtroom by the memory of a dead lawyer.

#b4c130f9 / read by Shriram-60

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Consider yourself in contempt!

#b23745d2 / read by Shriram-60

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Lieutenant, you signed three Proficiency and Conduct reports on Santiago, and in all three reports, you indicate a rating of below average.

#b0a4adc3 / read by Akanksha-14

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Oh, hah, I'm sorry, I keep forgetting. You were sick the day they taught law at law school.

#aed30fc5 / read by VIVEK-96

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You're a lousy fucking softball player, Jack!

#abd2eb60 / NSFW / read by Shriram-60

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Corporal, would you turn to the page in this book that says where the mess hall is, please?

#a83686f0 / read by Nikhil-91

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Do you recall why Dawson was given such a poor grade on this last report?

#a6a0c696 / read by Akanksha-14

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Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns.

#a5e0844d / read by Nikhil-91

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And the witness will address this court as 'Judge' or 'Your Honor.' I'm quite certain I've earned it. Take your seat, Colonel.

#a591ebcf / read by Nikhil-91

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Excuse me. I didn't dismiss you.

#a3c0d3a3 / read by Shriram-60

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I need my bat. I think better with my bat. Where's my bat?

#a084b447 / read by Shriram-60

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Would it be so it never sees the inside of a courtroom?

#9d7d451e / read by Shriram-60

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They beat up on a weakling; that's all they did. The rest is just smokefilled coffee-house crap.

#9d7d2af6 / read by VIVEK-96

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You need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty.

#9a1432ae / read by Teja-84

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The cover-up isn't our case - to win Jessup needs to tell the court members that he ordered the code red.

#988fd653 / read by VIVEK-96

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In a matter of time, the trial of the two men charged with your son's death will be concluded ..

#93ce34e2 / read by Teja-84

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Good. Would you turn to the chapter that deals with code reds, please?

#8dc28a2c / read by Teja-84

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I represent the government of the United States without passion or prejudice and my client has a case! There you go.

#8c589ed3 / read by Nikhil-91

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Please tell me that you have something more, Lieutenant. These two Marines are on trial for their lives.

#8a8ba465 / read by Teja-84

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I say we hit Jessup with the phony transfer order.

#89361e3f / read by Shriram-60

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You have the luxury of not knowing what I know; that Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives.

#8816358b / read by Nikhil-91

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.. and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said 'thank you' and went on your way.

#83d877d3 / read by Nikhil-91

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You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury.

#820c0146 / read by Nikhil-91

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Good. Jessup told Kendrick to order the code red, Kendrick did and our clients followed the order.

#80082a05 / read by Nikhil-91

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Lieutenant Kendrick, in your opinion was Private Santiago a good Marine?

#7bd7da48 / read by Akanksha-14

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I would appreciate it if you would address me as 'Colonel' or 'Sir.' I believe I've earned it.

#7b109d0c / read by Rina-99

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I think he wants to say it. I think he's pissed off that he's gotta hide from this.

#78f3ca17 / read by Akanksha-14

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We joined the Marines because we wanted to live our lives by a certain code, and we found it in the Corps.

#763278a2 / read by Akanksha-14

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You see Danny, I can deal with the bullets, and the bombs, and the blood. I don't want money, and I don't want medals.

#74591045 / read by Akanksha-14

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Just flip to the page of the book that discusses code reds.

#743fa9fa / read by Jeet-66

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For my part, I've done as much as I can to bring the truth to light.

#73e00131 / read by Jeet-66

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The transfer order that Markinson signed is a phony. Jessup's statement that the 6am flight was the first available is a lie. We're checking the tower chief's log.

#71018a83 / read by Akanksha-14

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Corporal Barnes, I hold here the Marine Outline for Recruit Training. You're familiar with this book?

#70ee4561 / read by Akanksha-14

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Have you ever spent time in an infantry unit, son?

#70959cec / read by Shriram-60

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And nobody's going to tell him how to run his unit least of all the Harvard mouth in his faggoty white uniform.

#70736588 / NSFW / read by VIVEK-96

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_No, I like_ all you Navy boys. Every time we've gotta go someplace to fight, you fellas always give us a ride.

#705295ad / read by VIVEK-96

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I'm your friend and I'm telling you, I don't think your clients belong in jail but I don't get to make that decision!

#6ed67764 / read by Akanksha-14

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Anyway, since we seem to be out of witnesses, I thought I'd drink a little.

#6c50b1d6 / read by VIVEK-96

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Well, well, you see, sir code red is a term that we use. I mean, just down at Gitmo. I don't know if it's actually...

#64934dc3 / read by VIVEK-96

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_You don't want the truth_ because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall.

#62f9517d / read by VIVEK-96

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I don't understand. How did you know where the mess hall was if it's not in this book?

#62e15ba9 / read by Shriram-60

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Colonel Jessup, did you order the Code Red?

#5f40e3af / read by Jeet-66

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_Please tell me their lawyer_ hasn't pinned their hopes to a phone bill.

#5f239347 / read by VIVEK-96

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I'm sure I don't. I have many men in my charge, Lieutenant. I write many reports.

#5c0ac4db / read by Shriram-60

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_What I do want is_ for you to stand there in that faggoty white uniform and with your Harvard mouth extend me some fucking courtesy.

#5b4c562c / NSFW / read by VIVEK-96

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I think he wants to say that he made a command decision and that's the end of it.

#5ace1cff / read by Rina-99

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Now, are these really the questions I was called here to answer? Phone calls and foot lockers?

#5a07f33f / read by Rina-99

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_I have_ neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide ..

#58cfbff3 / read by VIVEK-96

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Ever served in a forward area?

#56138b6b / read by Jeet-66

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We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline.

#5579ace6 / read by Rina-99

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If a court decides that what we did was wrong, then I'll accept whatever punishment they give.

#53cebfe6 / read by Rina-99

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Private Santiago is dead, and that is a tragedy.

#51797974 / read by Shriram-60

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I'm gonna get on a plane and go on back to my base.

#4ea8a7be / read by Shriram-60

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Grave danger?

#4e515c6d / read by Jeet-66

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And don't wear that perfume in court, it wrecks my concentration.

#4c92c567 / read by Shriram-60

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What a relief. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use the liar-liar-pants-on-fire defense.

#480d4125 / read by Teja-84

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What a relief. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use the liar-liar-pants-on-fire defense.

#480d4125-a / read by VIVEK-96

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I need to shake him, put him on the defensive and lead him right where he's dying to go.

#433cb96a / read by VIVEK-96

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Whatever happened to saluting an officer when he leaves the room?

#41794650 / read by VIVEK-96

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Why does a Lieutenant Junior Grade with nine months' experience and a track record for plea bargaining get assigned to a murder case?

#3f682ca1 / read by VIVEK-96

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Santiago, I was William's executive officer. I knew your son vaguely, which is to say I knew his name.

#3ba8ada0 / read by Teja-84

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I'm not through with my examination. Sit down.

#3952ecb2 / read by VIVEK-96

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If you speak to a client of mine again without my permission, I'll have you disbarred. Friends?

#3903e821 / read by Teja-84

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Because they stand on a wall and say, 'Nothing's going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch.'

#35c897d7 / read by Akanksha-14

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What do you wanna discuss now? My favorite color?

#304eee79 / read by Shriram-60

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And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, *saves lives*.

#2c82de62 / read by Teja-84

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Is there no book, no manual or pamphlet, no set of orders or regulations that lets me know that, as a Marine, one of my duties is to perform code reds?

#26bed2a7 / read by Nikhil-91

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Markinson's not going to hold up, Danny, he's a crazy man! Now, I'm not telling you this to intimidate you I'm being your lawyer here.

#25e6c387 / read by VIVEK-96

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But I believe I was right sir, I believe I did my job, and I will not dishonor myself, my unit, or the Corps so I can go home in six months.

#2579841c / read by Nikhil-91

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Now I want you to acknowledge that the Judge Advocate has made you aware of the possible consequences of accusing a Marine officer of a felony without proper evidence.

#2216fc45 / read by VIVEK-96

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Ever put your life in another man's hands, ask him to put his life in yours?

#21af17a0 / read by VIVEK-96

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#1f8e1c0b / read by Jeet-66

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Yes sir, we'll be riding pretty close to the fence line. The Cubans see an officer wearing white, they think it might be someone they'd wanna take a shot at.

#1efd02f2 / read by VIVEK-96

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Don't ever put that bat in the closet.

#1e06bb74 / read by Jeet-66

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I'm being charged with a crime? Is that what this is? I'm being charged with a crime? This is funny.

#1c592506 / read by VIVEK-96

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Oh, spare me the psychobabble father bullshit.

#1b4cb117 / read by Akanksha-14

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What is this? What's going on? I did my job, I'd do it again!

#103b53c8 / read by Subhajit-81

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You mean to say in all your time at Gitmo, you've never had a meal?

#0ebc3acc / read by Subhajit-81

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Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom.

#0ea11574 / read by Akanksha-14

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Alright. I have an obligation to tell you that if you accuse Kendrick or Jessup of any crime without proper evidence ..

#0e9b016a / read by Subhajit-81

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And the truth is this: Your son is dead for only one reason. I wasn't strong enough to stop it.

#0d470a32 / read by Akanksha-14

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Commander, from what I understand, if this thing goes to court, they won't need a lawyer, they'll need a priest.

#0d34d49e / read by Akanksha-14

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I felt his life might be in danger.

#0b0cf3ca / read by Jeet-66

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But he is dead because he had no code. He is dead because he had no honor, and God was watching.

#0ab4e9db / read by Akanksha-14

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I don't understand... Colonel Jessup said he ordered the Code Red. What did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong!

#0a19531e / read by Smirti-75

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Is the colonel's underwear a matter of national security?

#0903b3b3 / read by Akanksha-14

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I've got some camouflage jackets in the Jeep, sirs, I suggest you both put them on.

#0840a8e8 / read by Teja-84

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And in the hands of a lesser attorney that'd be a problem.

#07f14501 / read by Subhajit-81

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Now, I assume we'll find the term code red and its definition in that book. Am I correct?

#0555de08 / read by Shriram-60

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Well, I guess I just followed the crowd at chow time, sir.

#031a5a15 / read by Jeet-66

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